Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a favorite styling item...

Often times my job not only requires me to make a space look good, but often feel good. And the easiest way to do that is with one of my favorite styling items. This is an item I have used over and over, again and again for both myself and for my clients.

I bet you can guess.... it's the religious candle! (or known fondly as the 'Jesus Candle')

The best thing about religious candles is their price -- $1.00! -- dirt cheap at the Dollar Store or at your local grocery store/Bodega.

The dollar price means you can buy lots and lots with out breaking the bank, and I think they look great en masse. I used them in bulk around the pool at the past summer's Hudson Wood's launch party (below), and just a few in my own apartment (above).

The also last fooorreeevvverrr so they're ideal for events and parties when you can't be worrying about the candles burning out and the glass container keeps the wax from dripping and spilling.

See? They're just the best!

I prefer the all white versions, but for a quirkier look, they come in a variety of color with religious images.

Candles are the easiest way to set an ambiance, either a festive and celebratory one, a romantic one, or a calm and relaxing one. I keep these religious candles on hand at all times and seriously use them for many of my projects.

Other uses could be lining stair steps as seen via Cottage and Vine...

You can also decorate the outside glass with gold leaf as seen here...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

styling for Hudson Woods

A few months ago I received a very lovely email from the people behind Hudson Woods, the new 131-acre architect driven real estate development in the Hudson Valley. They had found me on Instagram, loved what I did and it turned out we had mutual friends, Sam Moyer and Casey Dzierlenga (who both have pieces included in the model home).

Not soon after, I was brought on to this project to style their model home and events held at the location (most recently their official Launch Party) and the rest is styling history...

Drew Lang and the architects with his firm, Lang Architecture, are spearheading the project with the idea to redefine housing developments due to the reaction against suburbia.

Each home pays homage to the beautiful Hudson Valley surroundings while remaining clean, minimal and maintaining a modern way of living (hello, salt water pool!).

When I first visited the model home, most of the large pieces were already in place including a stunning dining table from Sawkille, a custom built pantry by Sam and many pieces from local and NYC-based makers and designers.

For the styling, I wanted to bring the essence of the surrounding woods and the beautiful Hudson Valley landscape into the space while staying true to how one would live in this home; boots by the door, branch clippings instead of flowers, herbs and moss filled vessels, and lots of natural materials. 

I'm calling it utilitarian/rustic chic with a clear focus on items that are well-made and well-designed.

Throughout the space, I've created little moments using relics found on possible nature walks and forrest exploration; bird feathers displayed in vintage glass bottles, collections of rocks on windowsills and trinkets of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

With an area rooted in history (not to mention being surrounded by many antique stores!), it was a no brainer to include vintage items. The shelving in the kid's room is lined with a collection of tin lunch boxes and retro board games, books and toys. Antique bowls and pitchers are included in the kitchen's open shelving, and a few small vintage furniture pieces are thrown into the mix.

But this is still a high-end property so we made sure to incorporate new pieces from retailers like West Elm and Hammertown, plush Coyuchi towels, gorgeous coffee table books, handmade soap by HudsonMade, and fresh linens, pillows and throws.

It's not often a project like this comes my way that encompasses my love for the Hudson Valley with a strong sense of design and I encourage you to check it out in person! As this is an ongoing project, the home is open for viewing on the weekends (and available lots to purchase!) with events throughout the summer.

More info can be found on the Hudson Wood website.

Recently featured on Architectural Digest and The New York Times.

Friday, June 20, 2014

WorkOf for NYCxDesign

Product styling I did for WorkOf for their first online shop is now live! These pieces from over 30 NYC designers were featured during NYCxDesign 2014 (aka New York City's Design Week) this past May.

WorkOf is a new digital platform connecting independent makers with interior designers, creative directors and design-conscious consumers.

I also lent my styling eye along with Emily Johnston (who photographed the project as a whole) in the execution of WorkOf's Apartment held at Industry City, Brooklyn during NYCxDesign.

This was an installation of furniture, lighting and home decor showcasing these 30+ makers in a home-like setting. You can read more about it HERE.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Country Living Fair

This past weekend, Country Living Magazine held its thrice annual Country Living Fair, which was hosted again in Rhinebeck (my hometown) for the second year. Fingers crossed they'll continue to hold it here every year!

You may remember my post last year and the space that I designed/styled for Hammertown Barn, which was on Country Living Magazine's list of vendors not to miss this year!

This fair is so beautifully done -- booths are curated and set up as mini stores and the merchandise varies from handmade pieces to one-of-a-kind antiques and vintage. I went all three days and left each day feeling inspired and energized.

One of my favorite booths was Tivoli Tile Works. Potter Caroline produces classic shapes in beautiful whites, pastels and pops of bold color, all with an organic and handmade feel. I immediately became obsessed and wanted everything... and I'm obviously not the only one, she also sells on One Kings Lane!

She's a great sport too... I came in to her booth the second day and asked if I may restyle her set up (sometimes I just can't help myself!). Caroline was immediately game for my crazy idea and mid-day on Saturday we rearranged her space...!

I found lots of goodies to bring back with me to the city (with a clear yet unintentional color pallet in mind! Think I like white???)

I love having these little reminders of my time spent at home in the country and the stylist in me is already planning to incorporate everything into my next shoot.

For more on the Country Living Fair, my friend Sarah just posted a review over on her blog...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Baileys commercials

A series of six Baileys commercials that I art directed + prop styled featuring their new Vanilla Cinnamon liquor are now live!

Watch as six different fantastical themes manifest after each drink is poured...

Art Direction + Prop Styling: Me
Food Styling: Claudia Ficca
Director: Antonio Scarlata
Director of Photography: Luca Del Puppo
Production: Rooster

Monday, March 17, 2014

a decorating frenzy!

A few months ago I made the big move back to the city I love, back to where my heart belongs and back to where my friends, peers and industry awaits. NYC never looked finer...

I have yet to post about my new pad (the work load has been incredible which leaves little time for blogging!), but a few months ago I was asked to partake in a very special/secret project (more details soon!). I mean, it's huge. Or at least I think it's huge. No, no, no, it's huge. And now I'm in crazy-frantic-styling-mode trying to get my new home ready for its close up. A 'decorating frenzy,' perhaps?

So with that being said, here are pics of my apartment before I moved in and before I started working a little magic (I literally pulled these directly off the apartment's listing). It's a pretty standard NYC studio apartment; 300 square feet, small kitchen and a very tiny bath. But it has great storage, hardwood floors, a white marble entry, looks onto the back gardens and in a very convenient location.

Because I'm in a decorating frenzy and am basically giving the space an entire makeover within a matter of MONTHS with veerrrryyy little to start with (I purged almost a half of my processions before moving), I thought 'Hey, this is pretty crazy so.... let's blog about it!"

In addition to blogging about this project, I'll also be instagramming along the way because, why not, right? Follow me using hashtag #ProjectNYCApartment via @meagancampstyle

And I certainly couldn't end this post with these god-awful 'before' images, so here's what caught my eye as far as inspiration for my new abode...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

HGTV magazine

I am quoted in this month's HGTV Magazine about a bathroom I styled for Rue Magazine (you may remember the story HERE) for their story on "Sweet Little Baths" starting on page 77.

This Farmhouse bathroom, located in Rhinebeck, NY, was a combination of modern conveniences with classic, timeless touches. I mixed in antiques with newer pieces, and as I'm quoted, there's a lot of texture happening in this space which makes it visually interesting regardless of its small size.

If you're interested in creating a space like this of your own, I've listed the sources below. Please keep in mind this story was shot 3 years ago so many of the product may no longer be available!

- Pedestal sinks, vanity mirrors and white marble tiles from Lowes
- Wire basket, white towels and silver trash bin from Restoration Hardware
- Blue and white towel and block of soap from Terrain
- Gooseneck lighting from Barn House Electric
- Knobs on mirrors from Anthropologie
- Bath mats from Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, NY

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on-screen with robyn moreno

Sometimes you meet people on set and you just click, and so it was with Robyn Moreno whom I met during the Fox & Friends segment I styled over the summer.  We instantly knew collaborations were in our future, and our most recent project are these quick videos for Robyn's newest venture, Pocket's of Pretty.

It was my first time being on screen but it's something I've recently been thinking about (more on that later), so when Robyn asked me to be a guest on her new web series, I couldn't say no!

Robyn is all about easy and affordable tricks and tips you can use in everyday life, which is something I can totally get in to, so we focused on easy flower arranging and quick DIY artwork... enjoy!

--> Easy Flower Arranging

--> 60 Second Crafting

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with treats, sweets and all things decadent on this day of LOVE!

Some new work styled by yours truly, shot by the lovely Emily Kate Roemer and food styled by the equally lovely Claudia Ficca.


And don't miss our stop motion video!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

new work!

Champignon Cheese's Spring 2014 advertising campaign...

+ Prop Styling by Me
+ Food Styling by Claudia Ficca
+ Photogrtaphy by Davide Luciano

Thursday, January 30, 2014

styling a super bowl party with target

I'll admit, I'm not huge football fan. It's not that I don't enjoy a good beer and some fried chicken wings, because I'd be considered grossly un-American for not enjoying that pastime, but my idea of 'game day' is usually a trip to a flea market or something a little more hands on.

So when Target asked me to style a Super Bowl party with Lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno, I knew I needed to brush up on my football knowledge stat!

I pulled many items from Target's Threshold line and mixed in some easy DIY's to glam-up the event. Using black and white (reminiscent of a ref's jersey) as our base pallet, I added pops of the two team colors; orange and blue for Broncos and green and blue for Seahawks.

Check out the full video with party tips and decor ideas...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

dessert in the desert

I came across this video while in the midst of updating my portfolio for the New Year. It was shot on location for a Rue Mag story I styled a few years ago in the middle of the Las Vegas desert. The talented guys behind Shark Pig perfectly captured the essence of that day and the spirit behind this specific project...

See the published story here.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas styling

I love the Holidays; It's an excuse to be corny, sing silly songs, and deck your halls with all things sparkly. It's also one of my busiest times as a stylist, which for me, starts mid-summer. Around July I start meeting with art directors, producers and editors to plan for their Holiday stories, issues and catalogs.

I was fortunate to have a very busy year and thought I'd share a few of the Holiday projects I've worked on. Now that it's the Eve of Christmas, I'm looking forward to sending my Holiday upstate with my family and friends, kicking my feet up and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... which, really, is the best gift of all!

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and merry Christmas!!
xo Meagan

--> A decorating story for Rue Magazine featuring the home of Nate Berkus' Publicist

--> A Holiday catalog shot on location at a beautiful estate in upstate New York

--> A DIY Holiday crafting story

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