Monday, September 26, 2011

east sac home tour

These past few weeks I've done my fair share of peering into my neighbor's homes -- two weekend ago we attended Sacramento's Historic Home Tour, and this past weekend it was all about gorgeous remodels in the East Sac Remodeling Tour.

While the Historic Home Tour was more about homes with an historical importance, the East Sac Remodeling Tour was much more a 'decorating' tour chock full of ideas and inspiration that any one can easily try in their own homes...

--> Inspiration #1: Mix and match
In this dining room, a quirky piece of artwork is placed upon a glamorous mirrored piece of furniture, while the heavy wood paneling is juxtaposed with a lively damask wallpaper.

--> Inspiration #2: Little details can add a big impact
In the same dining room, the insets of the coffered ceilings are highlighted with gold paint giving even more sparkle to this already stunning architectural element.

--> Inspiration #3: Let the floors sing
The walls and trim in this converted basement were kept in neutral shades of creams and whites while the painted copper-colored cement floor was the show stopper of the room. Dirt? Dust? Scuffs? They just disappear! 

--> Inspiration #4: Create intimate seating areas 
The home owners took advantage of the nook under their stairwell and turned it into a casual seating area for two. Sometimes all you need is a rug, some chairs, and a few accessories to utilize a forgotten space.

--> Inspiration #5: Display everyday objects as art
Un-used rakes, shovels and brooms are stored upright in pipes which were cemented in the ground. When not in use, these pieces stand alert and act as modern sculptures. (FYI: The home owner said he added a few golf balls to each pipe to keep the tools standing at the appropriate height)

--> Inspiration #6: Make the bed a focal point
Whether it's adding interest with colorful throw pillows and blankets or by using bedding with a tone-on-tone pattern, make the bed a luxurious main feature in the bedroom.

--> Inspiration #7: Add a bit of soul
There's nothing that gives a home more character, hence soul, than pieces with a little wear-and-tear, especially if you've just remodeled and everything is brand new. The homeowner added brass fixtures throughout the house and let them patina naturally over time.

--> Inspiration #8: Bring the inside out
Increase the visual flow of your living area and treat your outdoors as a continuation of your living room. Pink in the sun room? Then add the same pink outside! Same goes for the furniture; the homeowner used the exact same color and scale but in a different combinations.

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  1. All great ideas - I love the use of brass taps, and that copper floor looks amazing!


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