Monday, July 9, 2012

the cottage, part one

Moving back to New York also meant a few projects I had been working on in California came to an end. I'm kicking myself that I didn't blog more about the progress in the Apartment Project (but I can tell you it was adorable by the time I moved out!). And the Farmhouse Project was left in very, very good hands.

But it wasn't long (ie: the day I landed) before I started my next project.... 

Since this past Spring, I've been working on a circa 1960's guest cottage in the country. The task? Turning this space into a fresh, functional and livable retreat with a working, sleeping, eating and living zones.

The homeowners had been using the cottage for storage for the past few years, and with no one in full residence, the bug world had taken over. The homeowners are mortified that I'm showing these images, but I assured them it'll make for a better "after." 

Every project begins with inspiration, so I took cues from the surrounding views (a vegetable garden, a red barn, rolling country hills), the design elements of the space (black and white checkered floors, the massive brick fireplace, painted wood paneling) and the way of life (this is the country after all, it's all about casual, no-fuss living.)

I'm calling the look "Neo-classical-elegance meets mid-century-cool meets easy-country-chic." 

With that said, here are the inspirational pics we're using as a starting point:

Above: We liked the elegant lines of the sofa with an easy slipcover and some floppy pillows, antlers and the bust is a subtle neo-classic touch.

Above: John Derian's Providence, RI home is the epitome of effortless chic. Everything has a lived-in patina and warmth and nothing feels too precious. Simple graphic art, grain sack pillows, linen, burlap, chippy white paint... I could go on and on.

Above: Part of our plan is to relocate the bookshelves, beef them up and turn them into a focal point. I love the long ticking pillow too! We want to keep the pallet in a family of grays, creams and blues.

Above: We love the modern take on a cabin in this image, the cottage also has a paneled ceiling and walls. This room mixes modern and rustic while still remaining open and airy.

Up next!? We clear out the space and start painting... stay tuned!

{all images via pinterest}

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