Friday, July 20, 2012

displays at my shop

For me, part of the excitement of having a shop is changing up the displays on a continuous basis. Every two months we completely re-do the space with a new theme.

This past Spring, I was inspired by nature --  I hung green ribbons from the ceiling to mimic the green buds and leaves on the trees and I attached white paper flowers on the walls to represent the new growth sprouting from the earth. The merchandise I brought in was relevant to the season; bird vases, gardening items, terra cotta pots, watering cans...

For Summer, my inspiration wasn't nature but the way of life. During the summer months, most people travel and often times it's to the beach or the lake, so I wanted to bring in the cool colors of water and conjure up days of lounging, relaxing and summer activities.

The main focus is the "wave" wall -- can't you almost hear the water lapping against the sands?

I brought in handwoven 1900's picnic and fishing baskets, vintage paint by-number lakeside scenes, 1940's camping blankets, 1960's tennis rackets, 1950's souvenirs including postcards from France and slides from California... and don't forget the Bingo game for lazy evenings! There's also a selection of Mad Men inspired barware for sipping mixed drinks poolside.

I clipped vintage black and white photos onto skeletal lampshades and tucked snapshots into mirrors like reminders of family vacations gone-by.

There are vintage wicker picnic baskets, beach glass bottles, blue stripped cloth napkins and plenty of dishware and barware for summer entertaining.

I haven't had a chance to list anything on Etsy, but if you see something that you can't live without, please email me and I'd gladly ship.

If you're in the Hudson Valley, NY, stop by Telesca for a mini, waterside vacation!

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