Wednesday, September 26, 2012

season for fleas

The thrift-junk-flea-yard-sale season is just about coming to a close, a very bittersweet thought. I wait all year for Spring's first yard-sale signs... although on the bright side this means I'll have my weekends back!

So with that being said, my Mom and I headed to the last Brimfield of the season on an early, foggy morning to scoop up some goodies before hibernation. Here's what we saw...

One of my absolute favorite finds are these silverware bracelets crafted from antique and vintage silverware dating from the 1850's up to the 1960's (which can be found in Telesca's online shop). Each one has a magnetic clasp which makes them a breeze to put on/take off.

I have a thing for glass domes and I loved how this dealer displayed their's chock full of odds-n- ends including vintage wooden bowling pins and yards of vintage measuring tape...

If I have thing for glass domes, then I really have a thing for weathered old blue bottles. This dealer had hundreds of beautiful hand blown glass bottles from England, so I scooped up a bunch (a few are now listed in Telesca's online shop). I love them together in a collection of varying heights, widths and shapes.

My other weakness? Vintage silhouettes! I think they are graphic and a bit creepy and a perfect mix of vintage meets modern.

One thing specifically on our shopping list? Antique grain sacks and linen fabric to turn into pillows, to use for upholstery and for other projects. There were a few different dealers with great selections. I would have bought IT ALL if there wasn't a thing called a budget, of course.

These vintage circa 1950's numbers were bold and playful. I would use numbers 1 through 10 as instant art on a wall in a kids room. Or use them as address numbers for a graphic punch on the front of your house (what will the mailman say?). Or pick out a favorite number to add to a collection on a bookshelf -- number "3" is my favorite!

These vintage Japanese glass fisherman buoys caught my eye. Visually, I have a weakness for items in bulk, en mass, in groupings.

Some of the dealers display their wares so beautifully that it almost becomes like art or sculpture...

I came across a selection of botanical prints published in the late 1890's. This one of a New York Fern is my favorite, isn't it sweet?

And then we watched the sun set over the Massachusetts fields. Another season comes to a close.

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