Monday, January 28, 2013

the cottage, part three

It's been awhile since I've shared progress on the Cottage Project...

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Designing multiple zones in one large space (like in studio apartments and in this case the Cottage), can be tough because everything is on display! There's no door to shut when a room gets messy and personal areas are mixed in with the public ones.

One of the biggest challenge for a studio-like space usually is; Where does the bed go? Do you hide it or make it a feature in the room?

There are two ways to approach incorporating the bedroom area, either by making the bed a focal point, or by cleverly hiding the bed (with curtains, a piece of furniture etc).

----> Option One: MAKE THE BED A FOCAL POINT <----

----> Option Two: HIDE THE BED <----

With the cottage, I would have loved to have hidden the bed behind white linen curtains, but it just didn't work in the space. So I opted for the first option to make the bed a main focal point.

To do this, I knew it would take more than some fun throw pillows and a fluffy duvet -- I needed a great, statement bed with both a headboard and footboard to help define the "bedroom zone."

With projects like this one, it's a major plus to have friends with good taste (and who happen to be cleaning out their new house that also happens to be filled with antiques). After discussing my shopping list for the next Brimfield one evening (a bed was one of the items), my friends Samual Moyer and Casey Dzierlenga (two uber talented furniture designers, check out their blog here) offered me a deco sleigh bed that came with their newly purchased 1800's farmhouse.

Kinda amazing, right? After a little bartering (a teak, mid-century Dansk tray from my shop in exchange for the statement piece that I needed for this space), the bed was mine!

And voila! Once the bed was in place, I couldn't be happier! There were a few other tricks to further help define the "bedroom zone"; we added a jute rug which adds great texture and we hung a mid-century metal Italian wall piece to bring your eye directly to this "zone."

It's hard to image this is what the cottage looked like just a few months ago! The bed is now on the wall where the bookshelves used to be (we've relocated them to an adjacent wall).

Black/White and Duvet Cover and Shams: Ikea
Grain Sack Pillows: Telesca (my shop)
Euro Shams and Quilt: Home Goods
Throw Blanket: Ikea
Side Chair: Vintage
Metal Italian Wall Piece: Vintage
Bed: Antique
Rug: Ikea

{images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}


  1. This is gorgeous..I had so much fun looking at part one and two, before going ahead to read this post. Are you doing this for a client? or is this going to be your living space??


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