Thursday, August 22, 2013

'dorm room decor' segment with Fox

I recently designed and styled a set for a 'Dorm Room Decor' segment for Fox and Friends, and with college students heading back to school this month, this is a hot topic! So I wanted to talk more in-depth about the tips, ideas and projects featured in this piece because there's only so much information a quick segment like this one (2:45 mins to be exact!) can cover.

Robyn Moreno was our awesome online talent and she brought so much enthusiasm to the project! Love her! You can watch the full video HERE.

The day started at 4am... eeek, that's early! The idea for the project was to create a fun, colorful and youthful space where a cool, 20-something would feel right at home. The bedding and storage baskets were provided by Lands End (who knew they had an awesome selection of decor?), so we had a great base of product to work with. I pulled colors and patterns from the Lands End items for the rest of the space; hot pinks, navy, yellow and purple.

Dorm rooms should feel fun (it's college after all, right?), but often this is a temporary space for a semester or two, so look for more sophisticated pieces that can easily transition into an apartment... ie: a sisal rug (Target), a fabric covered tray (Home Goods), fun throw pillows (Lands End), decorative mirrors (Home Goods), pretty storage boxes (Target)...

A fun and inexpensive way to update a lamp you may already have from home is to rip off the fabric and spray the frame in a bright color -- I used hot pink! I then added an Edison light bulb (I found this one at Lowe's for around $8) to a clear lamp base (this was was from Target for about $20). Together the combination creates a very cool, very on-trend lighting. You can also clip little photos to the frame to further personalize it.

One of my favorite DIYs we did was this instagram art wall. No need to cover your walls with store bought art if you have an instagram account! There are many online resources for printing your instagrams, one being Printsagram where you can have twenty-four 4x4 inch square instargras printed for $12. We took fun washi tape and outlined groupings with borders. This tape is all over the blog-world, but it's great too because it doesn't damage walls. You can find this at any craft store, I found this selection at Target.

These bulletin boards are not only functional (pin up notes/reminders/inspiration) but they also add more color/texture to the space (do you see more washi tape? Love this stuff!).

Adding a few low maintenance plants like cacti and succulents can make an institutional space feel much more homey. As do picture frames! I also used inexpensive Ball jars to store pens, paper clips, rubber bands etc.

Another tip is to think outside the plastic bin/drawers that reside in so many dorm rooms. Why not try cool woven baskets to store extra towels/bedding etc? These are from Home Goods.

Once the room was complete, Robyn arrives and starts bringing the space to life. The film a quick little "coming up next" opener and then it's minuits before we're on...

Then Fox and Friend's newscaster, Anna Kooiman, arrives and the countdown begins... 

Our lovely producer snapped this pic of the team. I couldn't have done this without my AH-MAZ-ING friend and assistant Sarah LoCascio. I will be the first one to tell you that I can not do what I do without a team of people I can trust.

- Pull color for accessories from the main focus of the room (often in a dorm room, it's the bedding)
- Look for more sophisticated pieces that can transition into an apartment
- Have fun with lighting! Spray the frame of a lampshade with a bright color and clip on some photos
- Art doesn't need to be expenisive, print your instagrams and hang on walls, put into frames etc.
- Use washi tape to outline photos
- Bulletin boards aren't just for notes, use them as another surface to add color/texture -- add some more washi tape!
- Easy plants like succulents/cacti require little care and can make a space feel more alive/homey
- Use inexpensive clear jars to store office supplies
- Store things in cool woven baskets instead of plastic bins


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